Graham List Management

Liss Graham is an email marketer and list strategist

We make your list work for you. Not the other way around. Contact me and let me show you what my team can do for you!


“Liss with Graham List Management has been an integral part of my business for many years now. She and I have grown our relationship and she is now a close confidant for me in our corner of the Internet (Nutra Supplement Sales). She and I look at the email list monetization business very similarly and I chat with her often to discuss new ideas and ways to expand our respective businesses….
I feel any online business owner looking to monetize their customer list should consider Graham List Management as a potential partner. Her track record in the space is extremely impressive and what she has accomplished for both her and her clients in a handful of years is unmatched. I endorse Liss and Graham List Management without hesitation.”

Steven Patton – President
Strand Media Partners

“Liss Graham makes bank! She is an industry leader when it comes to list management. I’ve given her a few of my email lists to manage… and week after week… she MAKES BANK for me:)
List management is not as simple as 1,2,3… it takes specific steps to ensure your list is performing well week after week… Liss and her team know the exact formula to follow in order to keep a list thriving for as long as possible.”

Matt Shuebrook – President
I AM Marketing

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